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» Kathmandu
» Pokhara
» Lukla
» Jomsom
» Dhangadhi
» Janakpur
» Simara
» Phaplu
» Bharatpur (Chitwan)
» Nepalgunj (Bardia)
» Bhairahawa (Lumbini)
» Mt. Flight (Everest)
» Bhadrapur
» Biratnagar
» Tumlingtar
» Surkhet

Testimonials did a great job for us; flight was cancelled first day due to weather[happens quite often] and this is where the service paid off! They went to work and got us scheduled on our only other free morning---wonderful flight! Recommend service highly - 5 stars!
- David & Nataylia
Biratnagar Flight Ticket, Biratnagar Airfare, Biratnagar Air Ticketing, Biratnagar City

Biratnagar - Kathmandu to Biratnagar and Biratnagar to Kathmandu Flights

Biratnagar, a sub-metropolitan and Nepal’s second largest city is located in Koshi Zone on the southern Terai belt of Nepal, near the south-eastern border with India.

One can get here from Kathmandu by road and air. Biratnagar Airport is the regional hub for vital air services serving the remote Eastern Hills, and there are regular flights to Kathmandu.

The Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve (90-minute drive) is a bird-watching spot. The Koshi Barrage on the Koshi River (two-hour drive) is an impressive sight. Biratnagar is the hub of air routes in eastern Nepal.

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Kathmandu to Biratnagar or Biratnagar to Kathmandu Flight Duration: 
40 minutes

Kathmandu to Biratnagar Flight Scheduled:

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Flight From Flight To Flight No. Dep. Time Arri. Time Price on US $ basis
Kathmandu Biratnagar AG-801 09:00:00 09:40:00 US$ 155
Kathmandu Biratnagar AG-805 12:30:00 13:10:00 US$ 155
Kathmandu Biratnagar AG-807 16:30:00 17:05:00 US$ 155
Kathmandu Biratnagar U4-705 08:30:00 09:10:00 US$ 155
Kathmandu Biratnagar U4-707 10:20:00 11:00:00 US$ 155
Kathmandu Biratnagar U4-709 13:30:00 14:10:00 US$ 155
Kathmandu Biratnagar U4-711 16:30:00 17:10:00 US$ 155
Kathmandu Biratnagar NYT-787 07:10:00 07:50:00 US$ 155
Kathmandu Biratnagar NYT-789 08:20:00 09:00:00 US$ 155
Kathmandu Biratnagar NYT-791 11:10:00 11:50:00 US$ 155
Kathmandu Biratnagar NYT-793 13:40:00 14:20:00 US$ 155
Kathmandu Biratnagar NYT-795 14:20:00 15:00:00 US$ 155
Kathmandu Biratnagar NYT-797 15:30:00 16:10:00 US$ 155
Kathmandu Biratnagar NYT-799 16:30:00 17:10:00 US$ 155
Kathmandu Biratnagar GNA-601 11:00:00 11:40:00 US$ 155
Kathmandu Biratnagar GNA-609 16:30:00 17:10:00 US$ 155

Biratnagar to Kathmandu Flight Scheduled:

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Flight From Flight To Flight No. Dep. Time Arri. Time Price on US $ basis
Biratnagar Kathmandu AG-802 09:05:00 10:30:00 US$ 155
Biratnagar Kathmandu AG-806 13:20:00 14:00:00 US$ 155
Biratnagar Kathmandu AG-808 17:20:00 17:55:00 US$ 155
Biratnagar Kathmandu U4-706 09:40:00 10:20:00 US$ 155
Biratnagar Kathmandu U4-708 11:20:00 12:00:00 US$ 155
Biratnagar Kathmandu U4-710 14:40:00 15:20:00 US$ 155
Biratnagar Kathmandu U4-712 17:40:00 18:20:00 US$ 155
Biratnagar Kathmandu NYT-788 08:10:00 08:50:00 US$ 155
Biratnagar Kathmandu NYT-790 09:20:00 10:00:00 US$ 155
Biratnagar Kathmandu NYT-792 12:10:00 12:50:00 US$ 155
Biratnagar Kathmandu NYT-794 14:40:00 15:30:00 US$ 155
Biratnagar Kathmandu NYT-796 15:20:00 16:00:00 US$ 155
Biratnagar Kathmandu NYT-798 16:30:00 17:10:00 US$ 155
Biratnagar Kathmandu NYT-800 17:30:00 18:10:00 US$ 155
Biratnagar Kathmandu GNA-602 11:55:00 12:35:00 US$ 155
Biratnagar Kathmandu GNA-610 17:25:00 18:05:00 US$ 155


Airlines (Flight No.):
AG=Agni Air, U4=Buddha Air, TA=Tara Air, NYT=Yeti Airlines, GNA=Guna Airlines, RA=Nepal Airlines, ST=Sita Air.
Schedules are daily basis and subject to change without notice.
All timings are shown in local times.
33% discount will be allowed for the child (below 12 yrs) in normal fare [not in Fuel Surcharge (FSC).
90% the discount will be allowed for the infant (below 24 months) in normal fare, not in Fuel Surcharge (FSC).

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